"I was surprised by how emotionally impactful it was to relive those moments on film.
I am so thrilled we decided to use a videographer and I am so pleased by Bill’s work
and client commitment." Lindsay C.

Many of our clients tell us they recall very little about their day. As your day progresses, you're pulled in many directions, and the day goes incredibly fast, described by some brides as a blur. "Why can't I remember my wedding day?" was a comment from Stephanie T. before we delivered her video. The video jogged her memory and her day was somehow restored.

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A Moment in Time

Your Wedding Day is a unique moment in time, when all the people who are important to both of you are gathered together to celebrate your happiness.

Sure you’ll have a photographer to capture both the monumental and the candid, but there will be sounds to your day...words such as your vows that will be spoken only once, your pronouncement as married, your introduction at your reception...

Perhaps your father will welcome your guests, and your Best Man and Maid of Honor will speak from the heart.

From the sounds of the church organ or string quartet to your first dance, without a video these moments will be experienced only once, and will live on only in memory.